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car body welding

Since vehicle owners do not often need our services, we have designed various policies and procedures Metal Mites Auto Body, Inc. follows in making collision repairs.

Our policies and standards are designed to provide prompt, competent, courteous and professional service to our clients. Our philosophy as professionals is to make every effort before during and after repairs are made to eliminate or greatly reduce problems throughout the repair process. If you have any questions or don't understand something, please ask. We are dedicated to serving you at all times.

Collision Repair

At Metal Mites, Inc. we generally do late model collision work. Our highly trained, well equipped staff uses only original factory replacement parts (unless specified otherwise by the insurance company) and the finest materials in the repair of your vehicle.

Free Estimates

In preparing the estimate, we make every effort to use our expertise in writing a thorough and comprehensive report of apparent damage. However, an estimate is just that, an estimate! Due to the design of the vehicles of today we usually find hidden damage or parts prices have increased. We then notify you and/or the insurance company about the supplemental repairs. After we document hidden damage and obtain approval from you and/or the insurance company, the repair process continues.

Please realize that original estimate amounts can vary greatly. Cost of repairs overlooked on the original estimate must be added later, or the repair will not be properly completed. Improper repairs can dramatically reduce the value as well as the safety of your vehicle.


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